Polys is a project nested in Kaspersky Lab’s startup incubator. It was started with a goal to create a secure and transparent voting system that can help to save enourmous amount of time and resources for voting organizers and also add additional level of security and transparency in the voting process.



Design lead, service designer, UX/UI designer, UX researcher



Design an online voting system that can improve existing traditional voting processes. Help to define a business model. Prepare a product for a market launch and traction.



Polys became profitable on the second year of operation, the product was used on several continents: Europe, Asia, Latin America.

What was done

I’ve talked to clients, understood requirements, translated these requirements to a team, worked on a solution and was a part of a crew as implementing it by doing UX/UI design.

In 2 years we helped to run more than 200 elections throughout the world. We’ve run the largest blockchain online voting so far (40k voters). Polys achievements were recognized by such media houses as Forbes, Cointelegraph, etc.

It is no secret that traditional voting process is expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, in most countries (including my Homeland) elections are corrupted and way far from being transparent.

My main task was to find a target audience for the immutable online voting system and create a service that can fit the market.

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Homepage and blog

Homepage and blog

Plans and case study

Plans and case study

Voting app

Voting appVoting app

Organizer panel

Organizer panel
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