NBCUniversal is an American multinational media and entertainment giant, headquartered in Rockefeller Plaza's Comcast Building. Among its most significant divisions are the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), one of the United States' "Big Three" television networks, and the major film studio Universal Studios.



UX/UI designer



Give sales people of NBCU a tool to advertise TV programs and provide advertisers with an easy way to connect with NBCU's representatives.



The network site offered media planners new opportunities to allocate spend and reach markets. The site plays an integral part in NBCU’s ad sales marketing strategy.

What was done

We at Division Of/ were commissioned to create tools to connect agencies and brands with NBCU’s network (over 25 of them) teams. As the visitors to our website knew who they wanted to reach, we decided to personalize the user experience based on recommendation engines used by video streaming services. In this case, visitors see relevant content and are encouraged to explore more networks and programs on the site.

My personal task was to make smooth user experience and an attractive interface so that both brands and network teams can achieve their goals on the site seamlessly and efficiently. talked to clients, understood requirements, translated these requirements to a team, worked on a solution and was a part of a crew as implementing it by doing UX/UI design.

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Homepage and blog

Homepage and blogHomepage and blog

Vertical and program

Vertical and programVertical and program

Homepage and blog

Homepage and blogHomepage and blogHomepage and blog
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