Kratko is a podcast app which provides it’s users with thousands of podcasts and lectures. The main point of the app is to have content no longer than 15 minutes, so its users can get only essential content.



UX/UI designer, Brand designer. Design consultant



A client wanted something special, to differentiate his product from the other podcast apps on the market. Something visually impressive, even ‘crazy’.



The app was featured in App Store's best new apps, the business is prospering

What was done

I've designed a logo, an app icon and a splash screen for the app.

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LogoSplash screen

Another idea was to use custom illustrations, which we've used during onboarding stage. We've worked on those with outsource illustrator with me acting as an art director.

Illustation 1Illustation 2Illustation 3

But of course, the core of the product is the app itself, which I've designed myself from scratch.

Screenshot 6Screenshot 7Screenshot 8Screenshot 9Screenshot 10Screenshot 11
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